Saturday, August 25, 2012

Interior at 99%

The interior and galley is now 99% finished.  My galley is very basic with no sink but rather a rubber dish pan.  Plenty of space for portable water containers and an ice box.
The floor inside the cabin has been painted with the same cream enamel.  Next stage is to sand the undercoat on the outside and apply the two part polyurethane paint.  After that I have to make the windows for the doors and we should be done.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cabinets Almost Done

My assistant Bob and I have been going full speed ahead on the cabinets inside.  I do get tired faster than he does.

The headboard cabinet.

The stove slides out on a drawer and there will be two more drawers alongside it.  The square hole at the top of the bulkhead will have a louver and screen.  It's my failsafe ventilation in case I inadvertently have all the windows and hatch shut and go to sleep.  Another louver vent will go out the side below the stove.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I've started on the storage cabinets.  The two against the sidewalls will have doors and the center opening will remain open with an electrical panel in the back, with switches for the 12v system, a 12v cigarette lighter socket,  and a 230vac outlet.
A flat panel on drawer slides will be mounted tight under the cabinets to hold a laptop computer for movies etc.

A headboard / storage  cabinet at the forward end of the cabin.  There are doors for this one also.

The main shelf /workbench in the galley.  The stove will be on a drawer under this shelf on the left side with two more drawers on the right half.  Storage cabinets will go up against the bulkhead wall with a small compartment on the right to hold the AC circuit breakers and battery charger.